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Dude, seriously? LJ fucking up is not surprising to me at this point, but damn. I know some people have to have access to all your posts for security and maintenance and shit, but...sketchoriffic and uncool (scroll down to the comments, not the "news"):


More on this here:


And one more reason I'm pro-switching to Dreamwidth, and am now contemplating deleting my old LJ entries, since...eesh. And I've got them over there anyway: The Dreamwidth folk explain themselves, and where they stand on this. And take suggestions:



Oh yes, I am still watching this show...though my love for it is soooo diminished, and my obsession has been far surpassed by SYTYCD. But still, new season! Crazy girls! Andre Leon Talley! Traumatic hair cutting! ...and TyraMail in TEXT SPEAK? Oh, oh sad.


At the Library Again...

More Books!

291. The Asylum Prophecies - Daniel Keynes (randomly, two things--(a) from the description I thought this was going to be way more scifi, and it was actually much more of an FBI/CIA/terrorists international thriller, and (b) I didn't realize until I got to the author bio at the end that it was written by the guy who wrote Flowers for Algernon. Very random and SO different)

292. Hollywood is Like High School with Money - Zoey Dean

293. Show No Fear - Peri O'Shaughnessy

294. Hungry - Crystal Renn

295. Look Again - Lisa Scottoline

296. Royal's Bride - Kat Martin

297. Wicked All Day - Liz Carlyle

298. Tempt Me at Midnight - Lisa Kleypas

299. Quatrain - Sharon Shinn

300. Magic in the Shadows - Devon Monk

301. On the Edge - Ilona Andrews


Book List

Because I'm returning these to the library now...I have more that are on the list...

281. Devil in my Bed - Celeste Bradley

282. The Associate - John Grisham

283. Transfer of Power - Vince Flynn

284. Urge to Kill - John Lutz

285. Bound by Your Touch - Meredith Duran

286. Once a Dreamer - Candice Hern

287. The Program - Stephen White

288. Dead Time - Stephen White

289. Gravity - Tess Gerritsen

290. Vanish - Tess Gerritsen



Have many more I'm not putting on the list yet, since I have no time, but these have to go back to the library....

267. Street Magic - Caitlin Kitterege

268. A Most Unsuitable Groom - Kasey Michaels

269. Chosen To Die - Lisa Jackson

270. True Love and Other Disasters - Rachel Gibson

271. Night's Cold Kiss - Tracey O'Hara

272. Exposed - Alex Kava

273. The Dirty Secrets Club - Meg Gardiner

274. Amazon Ink - Lori Devoti

275. A Map of Home - Randa Jarrar (YA--I was tricked into thinking this one was a queer YA book, and kept reading to the end thinking "so, wait, when is this going to get gay?". NSM. But still very interesting)

276. Hello, Groin - Beth Goobie (YA)

277. The Wheel of Darkness - Doubglas Preston and Lincoln Child

278. The Switch - Lynsay Sands

279. Bones of Betrayal - Jefferson Bass

280. The Bermudez Triangle - Maureen Johnson



I have EVER so many things to post about, really...an update is a-begging to be written, oh yes indeedy. Birthday weekend and Labor Day weekend were filled with entertainment. Heheheh.

But first, some books that I need to write down before I return them to the library...

252. Jumping off Swings - Jo Knowles (YA)

253. Speak of the Devil - Jenna Black

254. Start Me Up - Victoria Dahl (not nearly as good as Talk Me Down, sadly)

255. Summer of Two Wishes - Julia London

256. Divine Justice - David Baldacci

257. Cruel Intent - JA Jance

258. Foriegn Body - Robin Cook

259. Bait - Alex Sanchez (YA)

260. The Man in the Mask - Jayne Ann Krentz

261. Initiation - Susan Fine (YA)

262. Over the End Line - Alfred C Martino (YA)

263. Breakaway - Joel Shepherd

264. Skin Deep - Mark Del Franco

265. Shoot to Thrill - Nina Bruhns

266. Hunting Ground - Patricia Briggs


Booklist, the Endless

In the library, with another booklist update--this is from a paper list I've got, but there's a huge stack of books on my dining room table, as a reminder of "I've been read, don't shelve me until you've written me down as read!" Perhaps not the neatest system. Erm.

204. Failure to Appear - JA Jance tldrCollapse )
250. Princess Ben - Catherine Gilbert Murdock (YA)

251. The Girl Who Played With Fire - Stieg Larsson



Woot! Ellen is judging? I'm not sure how I get that, much as I love seeing her dance on her own show, but...I'm looking forward to it nonetheless!

Also I am frowning at knowing that Kherington is in the new Fame movie. Ewww. Now I'm WAY more looking forward to Step Up 3D, since that has ex-SYTYCD dancers I actually LIKE.

Also...Katie Holmes is on the show tomorrow night? I knew this was coming but...still weird.

And on to the show! Read more...Collapse )

Top 12

OK, a bit late...was a hectic week, and then even while relaxing Saturday, I just didn't have the energy or focus to watch. But that left me something to enjoy on Sunday night! And once I finish watching, I know I get to go read what others had to say, which is cool. But OTOH, I do like watching slightly closer to real time so my reactions are more in synch with other peoples'...

top 12!Collapse )

Sad they don't get to do a MJ tribute, that would've been awesome.



While I'm returning these to the library...

196. The Brass Verdict - Michael Connelly

197. Fall of Light - Nina Kiriki Hoffman

198. Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover - Ally Carter (YA -I've been loving this series, but this one seriously cut off in like, the middle of the reveal, wtf??)

199. Sins of a Wicked Duke - Sophie Jordan

200. The Scarlet Empress - Susan Grant

201. The Shadow Runners - Liz Maverick

202. Cycler - Lauren McLaughlin (YA - this is about a girl who instead of getting her period becomes a boy...)

203. Hold Tight - Harlan Coben